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Made in Brasil (Breno Sauer) - fato consumado

 The band  "Made in Brasil" was composed of the beloved Breno Sauer (Leader/piano); Neusa Teresa Sauer (Vocals); Ron Dewar (Tenor Sax); Akio Sasajima (Guitar); Phil Grateau (Drums); Paulinho Garcia (Bass & Vocals); and Roberto Luis Sanchez (Cuban Conga Man) on Congas, timbales, and assorted Latin-American percussion instruments.  

Chevere - Secret Dream



Besides Cuban Conga Man, the original Chevere band included some of Chicago's best Jazz musicians such as the amazing pianist/composer Manfredo Fest, Keyboardists Dale Powers and Howard Levy, Bassist Thomas Kini, Drummer Alejo Poveda, Tenor Saxophonist Steve Eisen, Guitarist Ernie Denov, Percussionists Geraldo de Oliveira, Adam Rudolph, Tony Carpenter, and Ruben Alvarez, and vocalists Debbie Sabusawa and Bonnie Eisle.

Chicago's own 1970's band: Strutt

STRUTT. 1976-77 was a studio group led by band leader and friend Jack Kramer in Chicago, Illinois.  The studio band included vocalists Jan Hruby; Pam Bradley; Laury Shelley; and musicians: Joe Asaro; Bob Young; Tommy Palmer; Jack Cohn (drums); Bill Dinwiddie and Cuban Conga Man (Roberto Luis Sanchez) on congas and assorted Latin percussion instruments;  Recorded at Paragon Studios in Chicago, IL with Recording Engineering by Bill Bradley and Music Production by Jack Kramer.